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Our People

Craigburn Wines has built a team that is taking quality Australian wines to the world.  The experience in the wine industry combined with decades of experience in exporting products around the world has produced a unique team to deliver quality outcomes for our clients.

Dean Compton – Director

Dean continues to be influential in the wine industry like his forefathers. Dean brings together a lifetime of skills to Craigburn Wines from Sales & Marketing to Logistics & Agriculture. Having spent a large part of his life in wine producing regions the wine industry runs in his blood. Dean was an early adopter exporting some of our wine to China in 2004, long before many of his peers were aware of Asia’s desires and potential. His vast knowledge and network of relationships covers all aspects of wine production, exporting from Australia and Importing into other markets.

Ben Xu – Marketing Manager

Ben is a true brand ambassador for Craigburn Wines. We have been very fortunate to have the skills of our marketing Manager Ben. Ben started part time in 2010 and immediately brought change and better cultural understanding to our business. When he successfully completed his Marketing Degree from the University of Adelaide Ben began fulltime employment with Craigburn Wines. Ben is fluent in both Mandarin & English. He is very passionate about helping customers in Australia & China to experience our business and product, he brings many new great marketing initiatives and an enthusiasm that radiates from him.


科瑞本酒业非常荣幸许敬承先生加入我们的管理团队。 他通晓中英文,精通澳洲红酒和红酒销售,在市场营销、公关以及商业发展上积累了一定经验,为公司带来了新鲜 活力,并致力于全方位地满足我们新老客户的各项需求。目前在阿德莱德大学攻读市 场营销学,即将获得学士学位。现居南澳,并一直往返于中澳会见我们尊贵的客户。

Shane Compton – Vineyard Operations Manager

Shane oversees the family farming operations. Shane has over 20 years of experience and has developed diverse skills in the agricultural industry, including Viticulture, Horticulture, Dairy and Broadacre and Grazing. We are fortunate to have his highly regarded skills looking after our fruit to ensure we get the best from every vintage and have him working closely with our winery team.

Charles Wang – Marketing Manager, Victoria

Tim Geddes – Consultant Winemaker

Tim is a very hands on winemaker overseeing the daily operations of our premium McLaren Vale wines. Tim loves the active role of caring for the oak barrels & the wine inside. He is very passionate about creating ever-lasting full flavoured wines with a truly unique style. Tim is able to bring out the best of each vintage to ensure consistency between vintages while applying minimal intervention.

Ben Compton – Wine Maker Assistant

Ben is a young energetic soul, with a quiet way about him. He is in control of the samples and museum stock. Ben is quick to package samples ready for couriers/dispatch. He is often our go to man for urgent, immediate jobs. Such is his commitment to the wine industry he has embarked on his Winemaking Degree at Adelaide University, we are looking forward to his influence on our wines in the near future.

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