About us

Craigburn Wines is a specialist wine packaging, export and logistics company.

We export great value Australian wines to most wine consuming countries and regions worldwide, including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Russia.

Craigburn Wines is a full service company – from wine production and blending, to packaging, design, marketing, logistics. international freighting and customs clearance.

You choose your wine – we deliver it.

Our wines come from the finest regions of South Australia and are sold throughout the world under our own brands or through brands developed for specific customers and markets.

  • Quality personalised service and tailored solutions
  • Competitively priced wines that meet clients’ price points
  • A timely service with minimal delays
  • We can meet all international requirements, including paperwork and customs clearance.

We are a 100% family-owned Australian company.

To discuss opportunities to purchase or export wine with us, please contact:
+61 40462 1950.

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